Vape devices for travelling

Although the summer holiday period is coming to an end, many people struggle with finding the right kind of vape device for their travels. Be that work or pleasure, packing and carrying the right vaping supplies can be a daunting experience to the newer vapors. There are a number of factors to consider when picking your ideal travel companion.


How to determine the best vape for your trip?

There’s a wide variety of vape pens for sale. All come in varied shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. 

Think about the flavour quality

There are a vast array of vape flavours out there and usually something for every taste. However flavours available for your device is one of the critical considerations to make when shopping for vape devices. This mostly depends on the chamber, air pathways, and mouthpiece, which can all add subtle qualities to the vapor in terms of taste and quality.

Vape devices are made with different materials, the better the quality, the better the flavour notes you get from it. Glass is undoubtedly the best material to go for. It doesn’t affect the flavour and will offer the purest flavour out of your wax or shatter. Ceramic and stainless steel are also common and will still produce quality flavour.

The battery life matters

The battery is perhaps the most crucial feature to consider if you’re an avid traveler. You may not have the means to recharge the battery on the go, and you want it to last longer. However, some vape devices feature an external battery; and you can carry backup batteries.

Others have a long battery life of one hour, depending on the temperature settings. When comparing the batteries, check the “mah”; the higher it is, the more powerful the vape is. A high “mah” level also translates to a more potent vape.

Quality matters

You want a quality yet durable vape device, and it’s best to purchase from companies you can trust. Purchasing vape parts can challenge, and you might not get them from the manufactures directly, however, Jenson ecig manufacture all our vapes, so we can always help with parts. Therefore, the best way to avoid issues with your vape pens is to acquire them from leading suppliers.

Keeping them maintained

 Most vapes will require maintenance; this may include;

  1. Cleaning the filters
  2. Replacing the filters
  3. Polishing the heating chambers
  4. Cleaning the air path for build-up
  5. Some vape are easy to maintain than others, and this is a vital consideration when shopping.
We have a series of guides available to help with your vape device maintenance


Traveling can be hectic and when you need your vape the most, you notice that your vapes battery has run out. Choosing quality vape pens and, if possible, acquire a backup battery will help with this. If you are a serious vaper, then it pays to spend a bit more to get quality item; they will save a lot in the long run.

That said, when travelling it can be a big ask for people to carry spares and also maintain vapes on the move. Disposable vape devices are changing the market for travellers. Allowing people on the move to carry lightweight vape pens, without the need for batteries, liquids or chargers. These devices are quickly becoming the go to offering for the traveller.

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