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Explore our extensive range of delicious tasting high PG e-liquids all in one place. Discover a new tantalising favourite to enhance your vaping experience.
From rich and smooth tobacco blends to juicy fruits and combinations, flavours are available in a range of strengths 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg.
Aniseed E Liquid 70PG/30VG


With a liquorice-like aroma, our aniseed e-liquid has a sweet, tasting flavour for the more mature taste buds. Perfect for all day vaping.

Banana E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


Our banana e-liquid has a classic banana flavour with a subtly sweet finish. A favourite for everyone!

Black Cherry E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


Our black cherry e-liquid is a sweet and sour cherry flavour all wrapped up in one. With subtle woody undertones, this is a sure-fire flavour for a fruity lover.

Jenson Blackcurrant E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Calling all fruit lovers! Our rich and vibrant blackcurrant flavoured e-liquid is mouth-watering. With a rich inhale and sweet afternotes, our blackcurrant e-liquid will leave your mouth watering. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Blended Tobacco E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Our most popular flavour, our Blended Tobacco e-liquid has a perfect flavour for anyone making a transition from a middle strength cigarette to vaping. If you’re new to vaping then this is a great place to start. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Blueberry Mint E Liquid


A remix of our subtle blueberry, we added a little extra pop of flavour with our Blueberry and Mint e-liquid. Taste the soft and subtle blueberry at the beginning, followed by refreshing mint afternotes. A match made in heaven. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Blueberry E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Ah the blueberry! A simple and basic fruit, even a superfood. Our blueberry flavoured e-liquid has a simple and delicate subtle blueberry flavour. Simply satisfying. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Classic Tobacco E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


A solid tobacco taste which is full of flavour… no wonder why it’s one of our best sellers. Our Classic Tobacco e-liquid is popular with people making the transition from medium-strong cigarettes to vaping. This is a great place to start your vaping transition. Perfect for all day vaping.

Cola E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


A sweet and mouth-watering cola flavour. Our Cola e-liquid tastes exactly like our old childhood friend- cola cubes! Take it a step further and mix this with our juicy vanilla e-liquid for a vanilla- cola match made in heaven.

Cool Menthol E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


Our cool and refreshing menthol e-liquid is a top hit. More subtle than our Menthol e-liquid flavour, our Cool Menthol e-liquid provides a refreshing minty vape without being overpowering.

Jenson Dark Grape E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Our Dark Grape e-liquid is a simple purple grape flavour. Avoiding the trap of being too sweet or overpowering, our Dark Grape e-liquid is simply a classic. Perfect for all day vaping.

Fruity Fusion E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


A fusion of tropical fruits, inhaling this exotic fruit flavour will transport you to a tropical paradise. This beguiling mix is guaranteed to hit your sweet spot. Perfect for all day vaping.

green apple e liquid 70pg-30vg


A sweet and zingy green apple flavour, our Green Apple e-liquid tastes as fresh as eating the apple straight off the tree. An apple a day keeps the doctors away, so what are you waiting for?

Jenson Juicy Peach E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Luscious peach blended with faint citrus undertones. Carrying a fruitful taste from inhale to the aftertaste, our Juicy Peach e-liquid is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Lemon Berries E Liquid 70PG/30VG


We are proud to have found the perfect combination of zingy lemons and juicy berries to create our Lemon and Berries e-liquid. A mouth watering partnering with a tangy after taste. Perfect for all day vaping.

Light Tobacco E Liquid 70PG/30VG


The lightest blend of our tobacco flavours. If you’re after a smooth and subtle Light Tobacco e-liquid, then this is the one for you.

Jenson Menthol E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Our Menthol e-liquid is a powerfully refreshing minty taste which doesn’t taper off towards the exhale. Our Menthol e-liquid is a favourite here at Jenson.

Jenson Pineapple E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Our Pineapple e-liquid is a tangy and sumptuous pineapple taste with citrusy after notes. Sweet and tropical, drift off to paradise with our Pineapple e-liquid.

Red Bolt E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


Someone say energy? Our Red Bolt e-liquid tastes like energy drink straight out the can. A sweet and energising flavour with a pleasingly subtle zing on the finish

Rich Tobacco E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


The richest blend of our tobacco flavours, this smooth and Rich Tobacco e-liquid is ideal for those who champion strong tobacco flavours.

Jenson Spearmint E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Someone say throwback? The sweetest mint flavour we have, our Spearmint e-liquid is minty and refreshing while tasting like the chewy spearmint sweets from back in the day. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Strawberry Mint E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Yes, we remixed it! Jenson’s original sumptuous Strawberry flavour but with a little extra pizzazz! Inhale a juicy strawberry flavour and exhale a cool fusion of subtly refreshing mint infused strawberry. Our Strawberry and Mint e-liquid is a top seller. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Strawberry E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


A sumptuous strawberry flavour from inhale to aftertaste. Bursting with a simple yet juicy flavour, our Strawberry e-liquid is one of our top sellers. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson USA Tobacco E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


Our USA Tobacco e-liquid is a strong tobacco tasting flavour. Perfect for those who prefer a full-bodied tobacco taste. Perfect for all day vaping.

Jenson Vanilla E Liquid 70PG/30VG 0 mg


We are proud of our Vanilla e-liquid. A subtly sweet and creamy Vanilla flavour with woody aromas, made with precision to avoid being overly sweet. Mix this with our Cola e-liquid for a creamy yet refreshing Vanilla Cola taste. Ideal for all day vaping.

Watermelon E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


A mouth-watering and refreshing taste, our Watermelon e-liquid is just delightful! We found the perfect blend of intense flavour, perfectly judged sweetness and deliciously smooth aftertaste to give you our Watermelon e-liquid. Once trying it, you won’t want anything else!

Zesty Lemon E-Liquid 70PG/30VG


Our Zesty Lemon e-liquid makes for a cool, zingy and refreshing taste. Tease your taste buds and please your palate with this fresh tasting, citrus vape.