Flavour Notes Mick’s



A range of perfectly balanced PG and VG e-liquids waiting to be discovered. There’s a feast of fruity flavours, fresh menthols and mouth-watering flavours available in a range of strengths
0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg. What will you choose?

Apple Micks E Liquids 50PG/50VG 0mg


Indulge your taste buds with our Apple e-liquid. Full of flavour and classically sweet, it vapes as good as it tastes. Perfect for all day vaping.

Blackcurrant Grape Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Imagine a grape and a blackcurrant having a baby in your mouth... A rich blackcurrant taste on the inhale with subtly sweet grape undertones on the exhale. Our Blackcurrant and Grape e-liquid is a favourite among fruit lovers. Perfect for all day vaping.

Blackcurrant Menthol Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


A classic blackcurrant taste with refreshing menthol undertones, our Blackcurrant and Menthol e-liquid is a perfect pair! Ideal for all day vaping.

Blueberry Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Ah the blueberry. A simple and basic fruit, even a superfood. Our blueberry flavoured e-liquid is a simple and delicate subtle blueberry flavour. Simply satisfying. Perfect for all day vaping.

Bubblegum Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


You can’t blow bubbles with it but you can pretend to. Our Bubblegum e-liquid is everything it should be... Bubblegummy! A deliciously delectable flavour, you won’t want to try anything else!

Cherry Menthol Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


A classic marriage of rich and juicy cherry with a noticeable menthol finish, our Cherry Menthol e-liquid is a sweet treat for every vaper. Perfect for all day vaping.

Foam Banana Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Someone say throwback? A sweet foam banana taste just like our favourite childhood sweets, well balanced with a banana milkshake twist. Our Banana e-liquid is ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth.

Fresh Menthol Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


A refreshing and powerful menthol taste so awaken the taste buds. Our Fresh Menthol e-liquid is the strongest menthol we have, not for the faint hearted!

Fruit Salad Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Similar tasting to the sweets we loved as a kid, this Fruit Salad e-liquid is a beautiful blend of raspberry and pineapple flavours with sweet undertones. A sure fire favourite for sweet and dessert lovers without being too overpowering.

Irish Cream Micks E Liquid


Who doesn’t enjoy the odd tipple here and there? Sadly this doesn’t contain alcohol, but with a rich and intense Irish cream flavour, our Irish Cream e-liquid is just as good as the drink, if not better! At least you will wake up remembering what happened the night before...

Key Lime Pie Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


An American classic! Our Key Lime Pie e-liquid is a buttery biscuit base layered with zingy key lime cream and sprinkled with zesty lime juice. A classic mouth-watering e-liquid. Perfect for all day vaping.

Mango Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Ahhh the mango. Sweet, succulent, exotic and golden. Our Mango e-liquid is everything it should be. Take a walk through our juicy jungle...

Orange Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Bursting with flavour, this juicy Orange e-liquid is a simple yet multi layered vape to hit just the right amount of sweetness. Just as juicy as freshly squeezed orange juice. Perfect for all day vaping.

Peppermint Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Our Peppermint e-liquid is a subtle and distinctive peppermint flavour, similar to chewing gum. Even though it gives you the feel of kissable breath, you should still keep your chewing gum handy!

Pink Lemonade – Mick’s E-Liquid 50PG/50VG


We know summer in the UK is a stretch but you’ll get what I mean once you taste this flavour. With a crisp lemon taste, raspberry undertones and sweet sherbet finish, our Pink Lemonade e-liquid will transport you back to those lazy beach days! Perfect for all day vaping.

Strawberry – Mick’s E-Liquid 50PG/50VG


A sumptuous strawberry flavour from inhale to aftertaste. Bursting with a simple yet juicy flavour, our Strawberry e-liquid is one of our top sellers.

Tobacco Blend Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


Rich, full bodied and aromatic mix of traditional tobacco with a smooth caramelised finish, our Tobacco Blend e-liquid is perfect for a new vaper not yet ready to transition to fruit flavours.

White Walter Micks E Liquid 50PG/50VG


A mouth-watering, perfectly blended mix of blue raspberry, bubblegum and menthol for an intensely juicy inhale. Experience a cooling kick on the exhale, as flavours of berries and bubblegum merge to create a satisfyingly balanced flavour, perfect for all day vaping.