Introduction to your Jenson
E-Vo Device

Become familiar with the components of your new Jenson E-Vo device. Run time 1:18.

How to connect your Jenson
E-Vo components

Learn how to connect the 4 key components of your Jenson E-Vo device correctly. Run time 0.52

How to charge your
Jenson E-Vo Battery

Important information on how to correctly charge your Jenson E-Vo device without damaging your device. Run time 1:45

How to turn your Jenson
E-Vo Device on and off

Learn how to switch your device on and off safely, and what the different illuminated colours on the button mean. Run time 1:02

How to fill your Jenson
E-Vo Device with e-liquid

Simple instructions on how to easily fill your E-Vo device with e-liquid. Run time 1:24

Essential cleaning of your
Jenson E-Vo Device

Follow this simple routine to keep your E-Vo Device in great condition. Run time 0:52

How to change your
Jenson E-Vo Coil

Simple step by step instructions on how to replace the coil in your Jenson E-Vo Device. Run time 1:12