Vaping to quit smoking

Everyone knows that smoking can lead to all types of health issues. Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes will fill your body with toxins that can result in heart disease, lung problems, cancer, and reduced sexual desire. You can eliminate these risks by giving up smoking and one way of doing this is to switch to vaping. As vaping devices eliminate tar and other harsh chemicals in nicotine cigarettes to nearly zero, they are a helpful tool in the progression to give up smoking.


Vaping is safer than smoking

A study by the Royal College of Physicians concluded that vaping is safer than smoking. This is because there is no combustion, ash, or tar associated with vaping. Being smoke-free has excellent health benefits, including improved oral hygiene, better skin health, improved sexual performance, and better lung capacity. It also implies a better sense of taste and smell.

Variety of different flavors

When it comes to vape, there are many types of e-liquid flavours to choose from, and new flavours are being produced all the time. Some popular flavours include menthol, fruits, dessert, tobacco, and beverages.

No unpleasant odors

Another incredible reason you should consider vaping instead of smoking is you and your environment won’t have that noxious odor. There may be an aroma from the flavors used, but it is not smoke from tobacco leaves. The smell of vapor is barely noticeable.

Control your nicotine intake

The good thing with vaping is that you have control over nicotine intake. You can opt for a nicotine-free vape or a high-strength nicotine vape. Even better, you can choose the exact amount of nicotine you want in your vape.

Products for every budget

Regardless of your budget, there are vapor products for you out there. The vaping market is huge, and competition is fierce. There is a product for every price range, from disposable vaping devices to high quality vape pods and sophisticated vape mods. Even with less than £6, you can still find an e-liquid for immediate use.

Immediate nicotine hit

An advantage of vapes is that you can quickly silence cravings. While sophisticated vapes might need initial setup, several vapes come prefilled and are ready for instant use. Although vapes require e-liquid and a charged battery to continue working, an average vape can sustain you for 24 hours with no maintenance. It is ready when you are. There are also of course disposable vaping options, starting as little as £5.99 and requiring no setup or charging.

No experience required

Although there are several sophisticated products out there, there are also several products suitable for beginners. There are hundreds of products that do not require prior experience. Some products are draw-activated, and all you require is to puff on them, and they automatically engage. A good starting point for people looking to try vaping instead of smoking are the disposable devices such as Elf Bar and Geek Bar disposable vapes. As these products require no setup, they are a perfect way to simply try new flavours or try vaping. 

Second-hand smoke

For those around you Passive smoking increases the risks of lung cancer and heart disease if you are exposed for long periods. The smoke from a normal cigarette is unfiltered for those around you. If it is inhaled, it increases their chances of developing lung cancer and heart disease. Who would want to put their loved ones at such risks? This is why you need to switch from smoking to vaping since such smoke is not produced.

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