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The first in our series of articles where we provide useful and relevant articles to improve your vaping experience. Whether you’re an expert vaper or a newcomer, these pieces are here to help to get the best from your vaping

Why it’s important to make sure you are using a compatible battery and charger

We all know that annoying feeling when our phone battery is low, it seems it’s always just when you need it most and if left without a charger, you pray for it to last until a power supply is within reach. Well, that same feeling is how you’ll feel if you go to use your vape device and find that it’s low on charge, except in most cases your device, unlike a phone, won’t keep performing properly whilst it’s low on charge.

Why does power make a difference to your vape?

The role of the battery in your vaping device is to provide the power to heat the coil which in turn heats the e-liquid and produces the vapour. As soon as the power starts to drop, your device can’t get heated to the right level, which in turn will affect your vaping experience and provide you with a weak hit.

You’ll notice less vapour being produced, or needing to inhale (or pull) harder on the device to get a decent vape experience.

Battery Types

There are 2 common rechargeable vaping batteries. The first is the 18650 lithium-ion battery that takes its name from its size; 18mm wide by 65mm long. They may look like AA but are larger in size and contain much more power which is essential for powering a vape device. These batteries are generally used for sub-ohm devices, large devices, or specialised devices which need the larger battery to power LED displays, temperature control, modes, etc.

The second type of common vape battery used is the 900mAh battery. This type of battery is used on the more slender, ‘pen-style’ vapes. A 900mAh battery size and power is suited to these devices as the batteries are smaller which allow for a smaller vape device. Normally, these batteries would be used on a plus-ohm vaping device.

Most vape devices you buy will already include the correct compatible battery.

Every battery will also have a ‘milli Amp hour’ (mAh) figure associated with it, essentially the higher the number the longer the battery will last between charges. The mAh represents the battery size or capacity in which the battery can store. As many vape devices are user-controlled and have on-off buttons, you’ll save charge in between usage and is always recommended by vape manufacturers. Turning the battery off when not using it also avoids it from accidentally firing in your pocket or bag which could be a hazard.

If you’re wondering why the battery on some vape devices is so big, it’s likely these devices are used for sub-ohm vaping, where more power is needed to heat the coil as sub-ohm vaping uses much thicker (viscose) e-liquid. The thicker the e-liquid, the more power needed to heat it and turn it into vapour. Those big clouds of vape you see will have been created by a device with a bigger battery.

Can I use any compatible cable?

NO! Using the right type of battery and charging cables is so important. Don’t be tempted to find the cheapest or nearest cable and plug it into the nearest power supply. Take the time to read the information that came with your device and learn from the start how to charge it correctly. This way your device will last longer, perform at its optimum level, and importantly, is the safest way.

Most devices use specific voltage batteries, some are built-in to the device and some are replacement. With both types you should always use the supplier’s charging cable and plug as this will ensure your battery only receives the correct amount of power. They are provided for a reason; to ensure only the correct amount of power is supplied. If you don’t use them, you can expect charging issues at some point, a significantly shorter battery life and warranties are often invalid if an alternative charger has been used.

So, get it right ….

Follow the instructions provided with your device. Use the cables and plugs that are provided with your device and don’t be tempted to use alternatives. If you are ever stuck on which charger to use, feel free to contact us for advice. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


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