By joining our Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Scheme you’ll benefit from every purchase you make with us. Simply create an account here and register your details. Once signed up we’ll give you a head start by adding 100 Points as a welcome gift! For every £1 you spend at we’ll credit your account with 10 Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points, i.e if you purchase a Jenson E-Vo Battery for £9.99 you’ll earn yourself 100 Points. Points can be earned and redeemed all products across the whole website, so whether you’re a regular e-liquid buyer or looking to start vaping with your first starter kit, you can be sure you’re getting a little thank you from us in return. You can check the balance of your Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points online by logging into your account at any time.

Points can be earned by the following:

  • Create an account and you’ll receive 100 Points immediately just as a thank you
  • Making orders across the whole product range of e-liquids, devices and accessories
  • Write a product review on our website (under the specific product) to earn 100 Loyalty Points
  • Referring Jenson E-Cig to a friend. Both you and your friend will gain 1000 Points.

Points can be redeemed against:

The purchase of any item/s available online at Points can be redeemed in either full or part payment towards your purchase.

To spend your Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points:

  1. Check your Loyalty Point balance in your account – click here
  2. Select your products and add to basket
  3. Click on the ‘apply discount’ prompt
  4. Enter the number of Points you wish to redeem
  5. 100 Loyalty Points = £1 off your purchase i.e. to purchase a Jenson E-Vo tank for £4.99 you need 500 Points.


How do I join Jenson E-Cig’s Loyalty Scheme

Simply create an account online and enter your details. As a welcome gift your account will be credited with 100 Loyalty Points immediately. You’ll also receive a confirmation sign up email.

How do I collect Loyalty Points?



By purchasing any products from Points will be added to your account immediately after purchase. For every £1 spent online you’ll receive 10 Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points.


How much are my Loyalty Points worth?

Every 100 Loyalty Points you have collected will be worth £1 i.e. 500 Points =£5 off your purchase.

Can I split payment for a purchase by using part of my Points?

Yes, you can redeem your Points and pay the remaining balance for your items with your normal online payment process. You can also gain Points on the paid part of your purchase.

How quickly are the Loyalty Points added to my account?

Once your online order has successfully been confirmed your account will be credited with your Loyalty Points.

Do the Loyalty Points expire?

No, as long as you hold an account with us, your Loyalty Points will be held securely ready for you to earn or redeem. Should you close your account, the Loyalty Points will be deleted and will not be retrievable.


I have query on My Account?

If you have a query regarding your Loyalty Points please get in touch directly with us at [email protected] or on 0208 619 1066.

Conditions of Loyalty Points Scheme

Jenson E-Cig’s Loyalty Points can be redeemed against any order on
100% of the order value can be redeemed using the Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points
Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points have no cash value
Jenson E-Cig Loyalty Points are non-transferable