Vaping has been around for many years now and you may be wondering why people decide to vape instead of smoking traditional tobacco products like cigarettes or roll your own.

Less harmful

Its commonly known and stated by Public Health England in their recent Evidence Review of vaping published in March 2020 that vaping regulated nicotine products has a small fraction of the risks of smoking, but this does not mean it is safe of course. Vaping is most common amongst smokers and former smokers and often used as a safer alternative to smoking.

Less smell

We’ve all been there, conscious that our tobacco smoke permeates clothes and hair of not just ourselves but others around us, so it’s great that vaping doesn’t give you this. Of course, there might be the sweet smell of Vanilla or Blueberry which you have to admit is a lot better than smoke as vaping smoke won’t cling to your clothes or hair and dissipates faster too.


Less £££

Once you’ve got yourself set up with a new device and e-liquid, the day to day running costs of vaping are significantly cheaper than smoking traditional products.

For example, a smoker on 10 cigarettes a day would spend £38.22/£152.88 a week/month compared to £14.50/£58.00 a week/month when vaping. That’s an average saving of £23.72/£94.88 a week/month.

* calculation based on 1 x pack of coils and 2 x e-liquids bought per week at a total of £14.50. Based on UK average cigarette price in September 2020 (£10.92).