Starting out in the world of vaping can be a little daunting to start with. There is so much choice and knowing which device to buy along with what type of e-liquid and flavour can be mind boggling for new vapers. To help you discover the world of vaping we’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choice for your vaping experience.


The first thing you’ll need is to invest in a good vaping device. There are many so many on the market but before buying think about what type of product you’d like. Do you like the popular pen like style (similar to a conventional cigarette), would a more discrete device be suitable or would you rather a cloud chasing sub-ohm device which produces considerably more vapor? Our range of devices cover all needs; The Jenson E-Vo is a great beginner’s device, it’s a durable device easy to operate and refill, and works high PG e-liquids. Our QT device fits neatly in the palm of your hand and with no buttons to operate it delivers a discrete vaping experience. Another way of considering which device suits your needs is thinking about what style of vaping you’d like to do. There’s traditional mouth to lung (MTL) devices that you inhale like a cigarette (less vapor created) or direct to lung (DTL) where the vapor is taken directly to the lungs (more vapor created).

Check out the whole Jenson device range here.


Just as important as choosing the right device is making sure that the e-liquid you choose is the right type for your device. Selecting the wrong one could damage your device’s coil and cause your device to leak- creating an unpleasant experience. Essentially in all e-liquids are the following:
  • Propylene Glycol, (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin, (VG)
  • Nicotine
  • Flavouring
Whilst both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin may sound unfamiliar to you, they are in fact both used in our everyday lives. Propylene Glycol is commonly used in many foods, soft drinks, cosmetics and is used by the pharmaceutical industry for many oral and injectable medicines. Vegetable Glycerin is often used as a preservative and has been used in foods, medicine and cosmetics for decades. When selecting your e-liquid you’ll need to know which is recommended for your device. All Jenson E-Cig products have an e-liquid range recommendation making it easy for you to make your choice. To find out more about the differences between PG and VG head over to our FAQ page. Just like cigarettes, e-liquids contain nicotine and like cigarettes this is also offered in different milligrams of strength, ranging for 0mg up to 18mg, with the higher number representing a stronger nicotine hit and lower milligram (mg) products being a lighter choice. Your last decision will be which flavour to choose! From traditional tobacco to sweet fruits and menthol it can be tricky to decide. If you’re making the transition from cigarettes to vaping we’d recommend starting with either a tobacco or menthol flavour first and then experimenting with flavours. Check out our vast range of e-liquids here. Still unsure which device or e-liquid to buy then give our friendly team a call on 0208 619 1066.